One solution, many advantages

arseptum Longtime

ECO Blatt

  • Surface protection: virucidal and bactericidal, additionally with natural tea tree oil
  • Easy to apply, ready to use, with long-lasting surface protection
  • Antimycotic protective film confirmed 28 days
  • Free from dangerous Benzalkonium chloride, Pyrithione sodium, polycondensates which have a negative effect on the 
    human enzyme system
  • Protection concepts can also be implemented for larger companies due to low labour input
  • Long-lasting protection confirmed by three laboratory test reports
  • No dangerous goods during storage and transport
  • Free from dangerous nano raw-materials
  • Can be used efficiently as whole room fogging
The innovative surface hygiene solution with a future offers you safety and more quality of life

Further advantages

  • Protects against micro-organisms such as bacteria, germs, mould and viruses (e.g. Covid-19)
  • High skin compatibility due to special, natural leaved co-builder substances
  • Efficient, ready-to-use preparation with high protection for all surfaces
  • Odourless and fresh due to natural, concentrated essential oils
  • High property value protection, without alcohol and hypochlorite
  • Excellent material compatibility due to natural protective film
  • Gentle on materials due to long-lasting protection (reduced treatment rhythm)
  • Distributes optimal on many surfaces and without layer building
  • Greatly reduced workload due to long-lasting protection. Enables the resumption of work!
  • Noticeably reduced product costs due to long-lasting effect
  • Safety due to long-lasting surface protection
  • Free from alcohol and hypochlorite (Javel water), therefore gentle on materials and preserving value
  • No layer building possible, free of quaternary ammonium compounds
  • Degradability of certain ingredients due to renewable raw materials 
  • No aerosols due to high proportion of DI-water