arseptum Longtime

arseptum Longtime is a ready-to-use preparation of the latest generation ­without alcohol with high-tech float, unique and tested elemental micro-raw material and a high proportion of deionised water. With essential oils as well as natural and untreated framework and suspended substances.

Developed as a hygiene solution for pre-cleaned and dried surfaces. Can be optimally used for all areas. For example, for all public industrial and medical institutions, food processing plants and for use in many other areas. Not suitable for direct contact with food.

arseptum Longtime is suitable for spraying and application on all surfaces, work surfaces and equipment indoors and outdoors. The fast and safe application causes only short interruptions of work, as the protective film dries very quickly.
The surfaces are completely wetted and an optimal protective film with long-term protection is guaranteed (according to test certificate Microraw material).It can also be used efficiently as a room fogger without creating dangerous aerosols.

The natural, antimicrobial and antibacterial micro raw material is embedded in each very thin, porous and homogeneous layer. Due to the special micro raw material (called matriz with the same grain size) and the scaffolding materials, all treated surfaces are optimally equipped by the protective film, which guarantees a long-lasting surface protection and protects the surfaces evenly. This innovative technology makes the surface protection so efficient and safe and kills all micro-organisms reliably during the entire effective period.

Expert opinion Long-term protection proven by Dr. Thorsten Bechert

arseptum Longtime ay only be sprayed on in its original form and applied and used as an emulsion. High-tech-float, unique and tested, elemental micro-raw material as a product in original form must not be changed.