Cold nebulisation with arseptum Longtime

Cold fogging is a disinfection or decontamination method that is used wherever wiping disinfection alone reaches its limits, e.g. in places that are difficult to access. With cold fogging, all surfaces in the room as well as the room air are decontaminated by the dense, almost dry disinfection mist.

We have been involved with cold or dry fog disinfection since 2014 and have successfully disinfected many industrial operations and public buildings.

Cold fogging with our powerful equipment ensures the following:

  • human error is virtually eliminated
  • very high protection qualities are achieved
  • suitable for almost all areas of application
  • can be fully automated
  • also decontamination of room air
  • Uniform distribution of active ingredients
  • Minimal decontamination effort
  • All surfaces are reached
  • Minimum concentration of active ingredient
  • No exposure for employees
  • Product safety is significantly increased in an inexpensive way
  • as additional quality assurance: 
  • treatment gaps of conventional disinfection are eliminated

The range of applications includes:

Health care facilities (hospitals, doctors' surgeries, old people's homes, ambulances)
Industry Pharmaceutical, chemical, technical, packaging, production rooms, warehouses, vehicles, plants, public facilities, service providers, schools, kindergartens, day-care centres, spot and gymnasiums, multi-purpose and event halls, offices, open-plan offices, canteens, asylum shelters, containers, interiors of cars, buses, cars and trains, animal feed industry and animal husbandry (stables, silos, transport facilities), ventilation and air-conditioning systems, cooling towers, shopping malls halls stadiums airports, etc.

Cold fogging (Covid-19) of cars, buses, trains

The directive of the Federal Office of Public Health is clear: we should only leave the house in emergency situations. Public transport is to be avoided, but is one protected from the virus in a car?
Since the virus remains contagious on materials such as plastic, glass or metal for up to six days, parts such as the steering wheel, door handles, gear levers and fittings should be cleaned as a precautionary measure; normal disinfectant can be used for this. But what about the interior air with the upholstery or leather?

Cold fogging is just right for that.

  • The whole car is fogged.
  • can be used again immediately afterwards
  • no residues are left 
  • takes about half an hour 

can be carried out by us or by you.

Advantages of cold mist fogging with arseptum longtime 

Introduction: What is cold mist fogging?

In cold mist fogging, the solution is dissolved into tiny droplets with the help of ultrasound and blown into the room with a fan. It is then distributed evenly throughout the room and protects all surfaces in this way.
The droplets, also called aerosols, are so small that they leave no noticeable wetness or residue despite being evenly distributed over all surfaces.
The size of the aerosols depends on the device and the liquid being sprayed. The finer the mist, i.e. the smaller the droplets, the more easily the droplets float and the more evenly they are distributed in the room.
The mist also reaches places that are difficult to reach when cleaning, because they are behind other objects that would have to be moved, or because they are too small to wipe with a rag.
Cold foggers are called "aerosol generators" or "aerosol generators" by some manufacturers. The same technique can be used to fog other liquids, e.g. agents for mould, pest and odour control.

Advantages 1 to 5 - arseptum Longtime cold mist is simple and safe

Complete long-lasting protection even in hard-to-reach places
The solution is distributed evenly in the room as a cold mist. In this way, it reaches all surfaces in the room in the form of tiny floating droplets - even in places that you could not easily reach with a cleaning cloth or UV light.
Gentle on electrical appliances with material value protection.
Cold fog can be used in rooms with electrical appliances without any problems. 
The mist is so fine that it does not cause wetness in the appliances or sockets. Unlike thermal disinfection methods with hot steam or disinfectants, which damage various surfaces, arseptum Longtime is gentle and residue-free.
Biocompatible / health-friendly
Many disinfectants are hazardous to health, have undesirable side effects or leave residues. Formaldehyde, for example, is considered carcinogenic, and sodium hypochlorite forms chlorine gas in combination with other cleaners or disinfectants.
After airing, the rooms are free of residues or odours.
Easy handling and storage of arseptum Longtime.
The product can easily be stored at room temperature.
 Protected from light and heat, arseptum longtime has a long shelf life. 
In contrast to thermal disinfection methods (where steam is generated by heating), cold mist is generated at room temperature in an energy-saving way by ultrasound.
The distribution of the solution via tiny aerosols also consumes less agent than coarse distribution by wiping disinfection.

The advantages 6 to 8 - cold mist fogging with arseptum Longtime is recognised and scientifically researched

Broad spectrum of efficacy, also against corona viruses:

The solution reliably eliminate bacteria, such as ( MRSA ) and yeasts, fungi, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses (including Corona) and spores with long-lasting protection.
Recognised by the EU and international health authorities, the micro-raw material is approved in the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015 as an active substance for use in biocidal products.
The success of the fogging can be checked at any time. We have a precise calculation Exel list for an exact application quantity. We determine this before distribution and determine the optimal run time for the fogging device.

Conclusion with application areas and branches

What is the ideal application for cold mist fogging?

  • Cold mist fogging with arseptum Longtime is suitable for time-saving, reliable and health-friendly disinfection of rooms and vehicles.
  • On the other hand, it is not suitable for outdoor areas because the mist dissipates too quickly outdoors and therefore the necessary density is not achieved.

While many organisations in the health sector have had their hygiene plans under control for a long time, for other sectors disinfection has only become an acute issue since the Corona crisis.
For these companies in particular, cold mist fogging with arseptum Longtime is now a practical solution with low costs due to long-lasting protection.
Cold fogging can therefore be found in many sectors, such as social institutions, offices and business premises (including salesrooms). In the hospitality industry, in logistics and with manufacturers and producers - to name just a few examples.
Here, therefore, cold fogging is used against the virus for current reasons. However, we can assume that even after the end of the Corona crisis, the topic of hygiene will have a much higher priority than in the past.
Your customers are sensitised and government agencies, regulatory authorities and health departments will probably also place higher demands on companies and organisations in the long term.