arseptum Longtime

ECO Blatt

  • New generation surface hygiene solution
  • Free from alcohol
  • High-tech-float, unique and certificated, elementary micro raw-material
  • With high proportion of DI-water and tea tree oil
  • For all surfaces
  • With long-lasting surface protection 
  • Certificated DIN EN 846:1997, HOHENSTEIN
  • Laboratory report test certificate, HOHENSTEIN
  • Laborartory Dr. Merk: certificated DIN EN 14476


  • Protection against micro-organisms such as bacteria, mould or viruses
  • Evaporates optimal on many surfaces
  • Highly skin-compatible due to special, natural substances
  • Efficient spray solution as well as for wiping
  • Ready-to-use anti-mycotic protective film confirmed 28 days
  • Odourless and fresh due to natural, concentrated essential oils
  • With natural tea tree oil
  • Free from dangerous nano raw-materials
  • Excellent material compatibility
  • Noticeably reduced product costs due to long-lasting effect
  • Gentle on materials, value retention, contents no alcohol
  • Degradability of certain ingredients due to renewable raw materials
  • No aerosols due to high proportion of DI-water
  • No dangerous goods during storage and transport
  • Can also be optimally used for larger rooms via cold fogging