arseptum Longtime® HOOF CARE

controls all harmful organisms in the hoof and simultaneously forms a caring protective layer, which prevents the spread of further typical diseases.


Avoids the development of typical disease symptoms affecting the hoof, such as White Line Disease. The applied protective coating has a preventive effect and protects against dirt and the uncontrolled spread of further harmful organisms.

  • effective-against-harmful-organisms

    Effective against harmful organisms

    arseptum Longtime® HOOF CARE provides long-lasting protection and prevents infestation by all harmful microorganisms.

  • sustainable


    Since we care about the environment as much as the health of your horse, we use only natural raw materials for arseptum Longtime® HOOF CARE.

  • provides-hydration

    Provides hydration

    In addition to the protective effect, arseptum Longtime® HOOF CARE simultaneously provides a moisturizing effect for the hoof.

  • non-alcoholic


    arseptum Longtime® HOOF CARE is a unique and natural-based solution. That is why we do not add alcohol.

  • easy-to-use

    Easy to use

    Thanks to its simple application, arseptum Longtime® HOOF CARE can be used quickly for any horse.

  • made-in-switzerland

    Made in Switzerland

    All arseptum Longtime® products are manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Easy application in 3 steps

Applicable for any horse.

arseptum Longtime® HOOF CARE can be used both before and after shoeing the hooves. In any case, the application is done in three steps. More about the application


  • 1
    Before use, shake the bottle well and properly clean and dry the hooves.
  • 2
    Apply arseptum Longtime® HOOF CARE evenly with a brush to the coronet band, the wall, the frog and the sole of the hoof.
  • 3
    Wait for the liquid to dry up for a short time.
Problem description

Why arseptum Longtime® HOOF CARE?

Due to fungal and bacterial infestation, the hoof walls of the horse are damaged in their consistency and negatively impaired in their function. This has lasting effects on the general health of the horse, as the natural movement of the hooves is disrupted. If the symptoms are not treated in time, the pathogens can spread throughout the hooves, which in the worst case can lead to lameness.

This is exactly where arseptum Longtime® HOOF CARE comes in. Because your horses deserve only the best.

For more information, we recommend playing our related video by Cyrill Zuber (self-employed farrier in Switzerland).

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